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 Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The Peninsula Pet Pantry is located at 214B Pine Grove Road.We are there by appointment only but, donations may be left inside our porch anytime!

What type of assistance do you offer?

The Peninsula Pet Pantry offers pet food and supply assistance: dry food, can food, treats, toys, collars, accessories, etc.  We CAN'T guarantee that a client will receive a particular type of brand nor can we guarantee an exact amount of how much a client will receive at food distributions.

How can I receive help?

Pet owners must be qualified in order to receive help from the Peninsula Pet Pantry.  A pet owner must meet all of the following requirements:


  • Live in Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, James City County, or Gloucester.  We do not offer assistance to pet owners living on the Southside,  

  • Complete an application (kept on file each year), provide a photo Id listing a current address, and provide proof that all pets in the household have been spayed/neutered, and beginning in 2014 provide proof of income (if not pre-screened prior to completing 2014's application),

  • Certify that all assistance is to be used by pet owner and not resold, and

  • Certify that all assistance is not to be used in a pet breeding operation.

When can I receive help?

You may receive food assistance upon qualification up to six (6) times per year at any of our scheduled distribution locations (with the exception of Gloucester, please see below). 



I can't make it to a distribution, can someone pick up items for me?  Can you deliver food to me?

Authorized persons that you indicate on your application are able to pickup food items on your behalf at scheduled distributions. 


Regarding deliveries, we are not able to make them at this time.  We have several scheduled distribution dates on the calendar in hope than one or more times will be convenient for clients.  While we understand that certain circumstances may interfere with attending a distribution, please know that we are a volunteer-run organization and we just don't have the manpower or resources to travel around the entire Peninsula area making deliveries, often times from a last minute request.  Thank you for your understanding of this policy.

How can I get help for vet care costs?

The PPP is unable to providemedical assistance but, may be able to refer you to a local provider depending on your pets needs.

Can I deduct a donation made to the PPP on my taxes?

Yes!  The Peninsula Pet Pantry is a registered 501(c)(3) organization which means that donations made to us are fully-taxable to the extent of current tax law limitations.

Do you hire for paid positions?

Sorry, we don't offer paid compensation for any work done for the benefit of the Peninsula Pet Pantry.  We are an entirely volunteer-run organization.

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

We don't have a minimum age requirement but we do ask that any minor children involved with the Peninsula Pet Pantry are supervised by an adult. 

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